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Really good remix

This is a really good remix of a song from the Mario games. I like how it starts off good and just gets better as the song goes. The best part of the song started at to me was at 2:15.

Any ways this easily gets a 5/5 from me.

Veneox responds:

Ah yes the drums. ;} glad you enjoyed.

Nice song

It sounds like its from a video game or from an old movie. Also it dose remind me of some one being chased by something and they there trying to get away before its to late.
Any ways I like this song so ill give it a 5/5

PeopleOnTrial responds:

Ha, thanks. (: Yeah, it was based and remade off of a very old song.

Nice Voice acting

I liked this video because it made me laugh a few times and I have not done that in a while on Newgrounds. Also because it just seem to come randomly from no where when i was about to look for a song.(Mean the thing that plays good songs when you go to audio portal.)

Any ways ill give it a 5/5

Good song

The song is ok for me and did make me laugh a little bit when i clicked on the link and this is what came up. I usually don't like music that has words in it but this was ok for me(might be the fact it was a song instead of a chat XD) . Any ways the song gets a 5/5 from me.

Now that i am done talking about the song... Sounds like your probably never going to make the chat to me but telling people it might be done in a week or 2 in a song and then not putting it out is not a nice thing to do just getting the players hopes up then crushing them...

Also sounds more like you want players to suck up to you so you can stay popular and that players will talk about you more and hope that one day the chat will come out OR
you want the players of Newgrounds to respected you more because it sounds like their been a lot of QQ over the chat not being out yet and you want people to know about the other stuff you made.

(I never heard of you before but a few times in the forums. Any ways that is what i think and who knows i am probably wrong or right or a little bit of both =p)

I am back.... somewhat anyways.

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