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Well made flash video

It is animated really well to me but the music seem to lack a little to me. This is still a very good flash video and all but it could be better if the music just fit in on what is going on with what I was watching.
(maybe if the music was a little more action pack or something to add to whats going on because it just seems to lay back to me)

Other than the music I liked the video and well still give it a 5/5 for the hard work that went into the flash.

Nice map

Would have been nice of there was info with it but i guess its fine the way it is so ill give it a 5/5

Nice game

Its a good game to me. Just needed more stuff in the game like more than 1 background color. Also the ability to pick your snakes color.

There thing that seemed to make the game less fun is that sometimes you don't have time to even get to the ball becuase it is to far away. Also there could be more that just one song to the game witch would make it a little bit more fun to.

There are a few things i liked is the fact you go off the screen and your on the other side of the place and that you have time to get to the ball before time is up. Any ways i will give this game a 3/5

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Nice game, but I would like to point out somethings...

1) I somehow went through a wall and was flaying nothingness one time ( there were missiles trying to kill me though).

2) It is easy to cheat the high score system in this game.

3) The screen is zoomed in a little to much (for me anyways).

Anyways, I found this game entertaining and loved the music. It even is nice on the eyes too.The Problem is though, It is not to different from other games like this.

So, it gets a 3.5 out of 5 from me.

Things that are needed

1) A radar. It gets kind of boring trying to hunt down the last enemy.

2) An option to hold down the mouse button to fire. It could make a player fire slower than say if they were just clicking it.

3) Stronger enemies

4) More types of enemies

5) Mouse pointer needs to be different. This will help get players into the game more rather than looking at the same pointer they use everyday on the computer.

6) Music and sound effects.

Three more thing before I finish up.

The enemies can be hit multiple times when they are dead, which in turn increase the amount of pixels a player can get by a lot.

Also, the pixel counter needs to display number correctly. Once it gets to 1000 most of the numbers get cut off. And, When you go into the shop it says money and not pixels.

Finally, the Health upgrade in the shop gives way to much hp ( could be because I keep hitting dead enemies though, but I had around 400 hp in total.) It should stay at just an increase of 5 at least.

There is still quite a bit you have to do, but these things will help make the game better.

ddewerg responds:

Thanks, especially about the pixels bit! fixed and uploaded, health is now somewhat more balanced, and money is correctly name! Nice idea with the pointer, i will have to look into it!

Some things I think should be fixed or changed.

1) It is possible to cheat in this game by right clicking.

2)The level editor has no way to delete object that have been placed.

3) There is no way to get back to the main menu unless the paged is refreshed.

If you fix the issues i mentioned above, I am sure people will like this game even more.

So, other than the things I mentioned, this is a good game. It has good music and sound effects. It has enough levels to keep players entertained for a bit. It even has a level editor, which I know players will like ( me included).

Overall, I think this is a great game with some small issues. So, I will give it a 4 out of 5.

Jindo responds:

1) I did originally implement cheat detection when the player right-clicks, no idea why that's not working but I will correct it, thanks for bringing that to my attention! (EDIT: Seems to work fine offline, I'll see what I can do)

2) You can delete objects by pressing X after selecting them, I will make this clearer. (EDIT: It appears that scroll-wheel was a poor choice for browsers, I'll also provide an alternative for switching modes in the editor)

3) You can also leave the game and return to the main menu by pressing X, again I will make this clearer in game.

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

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Good job

For first original song you made on your own you did really good. Also it really dose sound like it would some kind of underground factory to me. Anyways keep up the good work.

DrMackFoxx responds:

I shall endeavor to continue making good tracks, especially since I can make my own now. :)

Thanks a lot for the excellent review!

Really good remix

This is a really good remix of a song from the Mario games. I like how it starts off good and just gets better as the song goes. The best part of the song started at to me was at 2:15.

Any ways this easily gets a 5/5 from me.

Veneox responds:

Ah yes the drums. ;} glad you enjoyed.

Nice song

It sounds like its from a video game or from an old movie. Also it dose remind me of some one being chased by something and they there trying to get away before its to late.
Any ways I like this song so ill give it a 5/5

PeopleOnTrial responds:

Ha, thanks. (: Yeah, it was based and remade off of a very old song.

I am back.... somewhat anyways.

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